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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Perintis 2009: Beach Fun!

I would have liked to start things off chronologically by events as they happen, but me being my impatient self would like to go straight ahead to the good stuff.

Place: Glory Beach Resort (on the beach!)
Date/time: 6th of Jun 2009, 530pm to 730pm
Attendees: The @lambaian family

Things started with everyone warming up to the beach; eating, joking, chatting, jumping, rolling, dipping, etc. Things started to get competitive though as Syila the master of events (apparent by the numerous needles nestled in her shirt) started the sukaneka.

We started off with masukkan benang ke dalam jarum and next was tiup belon sampai pecah. I had no idea that these simple games could be sooo much fun (got to hand it to the lambaian folk, buat ape pun seronok). Not sure who won though, since the losers (Jup and Ikin) stole the spotlight for the first event, and Jup's futile attempts to blow a balloon and failing each time was golden. Tergelak2 from start to finish. haha. (Skrang pun gelak lagi)

Next was beach futsal, which pitted team veteran tapi bertenaga (Me, Azam and Adam) vs team muda tapi semput (Din, Jup and Madzlan). It was a tight match, with both teams losing out on lack of stamina and ended up tak larat. Unfortunately I wasnt able to capture the whole event, since I was busy participating. Got a few good ones though.

Food was great that day. Combination of Rojak Pesembur, Rojak Buah, Kek Batik and an assortment of soda drinks. Rugi tak ambik gambar. Especially Rojak Buah, memang best gile. It was great even just sitting and watching the kids have fun, continously jumping in and out of the water.

Anyway, on with the pics...

The balloon event! Tiup sampai pecah:

Syila, "Jom start!". Jup, "haiiih"
Madzlan meniup sambil menahan suspense

Ummu, "Apasal lama sgt tiup tuu"

Is walaupun tgh kalah, maintain cool

Ikin mengambil peluang nak gelak puas2 sbb digelakkan sebelum ni

Afzan dah boleh tiup, cuma tak boleh nak pecah

Jup, 10 minit selepas gambar ni diambil pun, sama jugak

Cute pics of kanak2 riang:

Akil tgh tulis ape tu?

Nanur, ratu siram pantai PD

Azam, kanak2 riang tertua didunia

Next up, profile pics of the attendees and family pictures!

Blogging off....